ProFeasibility Feasibility Studies

Before making the significant investment required to start a new business venture, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR MARKET! A Feasibility Study by ProFeasibility will look at your business venture from from three angles: external market feasibility, internal operational feasibility, and investment performance.

A ProFeasibility Feasibility Study will help you answer the following questions:

What is the demand for my product in my market?

What level of investment return can I expect?

Are their other new competitors
entering this market?

How much will it cost?

How long will it take to see profits?

Can I charge a higher rate than my competitors?

How strong are my competitors and what are their weaknesses?

What are the risks I'm facing, and how do we mitigate those risks?

What business model should I use to maximize my investment?

What is the most effective marketing strategy for my business?

What is my best growth strategy?

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Self Storage Startup

A ProFeasibility Feasibility
Study Includes:

  • Market Thermometer
  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
  • Supply/Demand Analysis
  • Business Plan Recommendations
  • Estimated Investment Budget
  • Financial Performance Projections
  • Phasing Projections
  • Investment Return Analysis
  • Site Recommendations
  • Specific Marketing Recommendations
  • Specific Business Recommendations
  • Go/No-Go Conclusions




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